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All of our Photoboards are made from flame polished Lucite with a full color print of your chosen design to the reverse and interchangeable pockets to the front.


We will create a visual based on your initial requirements, and once approved it will be re-created using RPT (Reverse Printed Technology) so that the design is on the back of the board and cannot be damaged through vandalism or cleaning.


The only access is to the photo pockets on the front, which are easily maintained and interchangeable.


The boards are designed so that you manage and print the employee photos yourself. Simply download the free template which matches the size of your photo pockets, along with the instructions and create your photo inserts. The template will help ensure the inserts are printed at the correct size and you can input the photo, name and job title you require.

3x4 Pockets 4x6 Pockets



Photo Template Instructions

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